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What We Do

Space Mission Engineering

As we define it, mission (and systems) engineering is the process that takes a set of broad objectives and constraints and then proceeds to define an affordable space system to meet them.

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Launch Services

Microcosm has an extensive history of launch vehicle design, development, and test programs since 1993, focused on a low-cost, responsive launch capability that truly changes the game in the aerospace industry.

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Composite Structures

The unibody pressurized composite spacecraft structure acts as one unified structure that integrates the propellant tank and does not require additional support elements of any kind.

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Astronautics Courses

Microcosm has provided advanced mission engineering training to over 3000 professional and graduate student participants in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

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Includes technologies of orbit and attitude determination and control. Microcosm’s focus has been primarily on the appropriate level of autonomy to reduce the cost of operating space systems.

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Microcosm has developed a family of low cost, highly agile spacecraft that can support a range of missions in low, medium, and geosynchronous Earth orbits, along with interplanetary missions.

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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