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In this paper, a methodology for dramatically reducing the time required to build a complex system based on the self-organization of self-describing components is presented. In this “plug-and-play” approach, component services are exposed for use through mechanisms similar to those in a “publish-subscribe” framework. The associated framework provides convenient mechanisms for organizing application domains (such as guidance, navigation, and control) along a hierarchy of components. The hierarchy of components, which are themselves self-descriptive, is non-unique but enforced by convention and discipline. This paper describes the motivations for this work and elements of its current implementation as a disruptive technology.

Download “The Feasibility of Applying Plug-and-Play Concepts to Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control Systems to Meet the Challenges of Future Responsive Missions”

Graven, P., L. J. Hansen, D. Fogel and J. Lyke. 7th International ESA Conference on Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems. Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. June 2–5, 2008.