Space Systems


The Space Systems Division (SSD) focuses on the following areas: low cost small satellites, space mission and systems engineering, and spacecraft orbit and attitude systems. Our methodologies and overall philosophy on space mission engineering, reducing space mission cost, and spacecraft orbit and attitude systems are presented in a series of industry-standard reference books that Microcosm and company president Dr. James R. Wertz have produced over the years. Our overall approach to mission and systems engineering is codified in the book Space Mission Engineering- the New SMAD, the follow-on to the well-known textbook Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD), first published in 1991. Additionally, our approach for reducing mission costs is presented in the book Reducing Space Mission Cost. Our approach to analysis and design for orbit and attitude systems is presented in the book Mission Geometry: Orbit and Constellation Design and Management and in Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control. These books were all created by Microcosm (with substantial government support), with the exception of Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control, which was edited and partially written by Microcosm president James R. Wertz prior to the company’s formation.