Microcosm is committed to providing low cost access to space and low-cost operations in space. Reducing space mission cost and enabling responsive, affordable, and innovative space missions are our primary goals. Much of our work is in the area of literally “reinventing space,” which ties directly into our low cost focus. In particular, we helped generate much of the current interest in low cost by creating and running the Reinventing Space Conference for a period of 10 years.

Microcosm is a woman-owned small business founded in 1984. It is internationally recognized for its innovations in space mission engineering; guidance, navigation, and control; and the development of technologies and methods to substantially reduce space mission costs.

Microcosm’s client experience has involved commercial, military, and scientific missions from small, low-cost programs to multi-billion dollar, multi-satellite constellations, along with the development of a family of low-cost launch vehicles.

Our four primary business areas directly support our mission:

  • Space Mission Engineering and Architecting
  • Low-Cost Small Satellites (NanoEye class)
  • Low-Cost Scorpius® Launch Vehicle Family
  • Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Training professionals in Space Mission Engineering and Reducing Space Mission Cost


Microcosm Facility

Microcosm Facility


Microcosm has a 35,000 sq. ft. Torrance, CA facility: 12,000 sq. ft. of office space and 23,000 sq. ft. for production, test, and integration of various space systems. The building houses corporate management, engineering, business management, laboratories, factory/integration facilities, and test facilities.